HB-35 Die Lubrication Spray Gun
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HB - 35 Die Lubrication Spray Gun

Die Lubrication Spray Gun
Die Lubrication Spray Gun
Roll & Grip make Dual Action Hand Spray Gun HB-35 is ideal for spraying of die coats on small forging, die-casting and rubber moulding dies. This gun is also suitable where gentle spraying of die coat is needed. This spray gun model is similar in appearance to model HB-86

Die Lubrication Spray Gun

The Dual Action Hand Spray Gun model HB-35-300
The air is needed at pressure of 4 Kg/cm2 or more for getting powerful air blast. For applications where air blast is not needed and where the surface to be coated is small the air can be supplied at reduced pressure. Similarly where gentle spraying is desired air at lower pressure is needed.  Put a pressure regulator in the air supply line and reduce air pressure to the desired level. Too low air pressure would give ineffective atomisation. The die coat can be supplied using gravity feed arrangement or pressure feeding arrangement . For gravity feed keep the die coat container at least 8 feet above the spray gun level. If using pressure feed container the liquid pressure can be set above 0.1Kg/cm2. For viscous liquids higher liquid pressure may need to be set.
The Dual Action Hand Spray Gun HB-35 comes with different lengths of aluminium bend pipe to suit the requirement. e.g. HB-35-300 (300mm long Al. pipe), HB‑35‑225 (225mm long Al. pipe) etc. The length of the aluminium pipe should be selected considering the size of machine, size of die and the distance between operator and the die.

Die Lubrication Spray Gun
Dual Action Hand Spray Gun model HB-35-300ST
The HB-35 model is also available with straight aluminium pipe instead of bend aluminium pipe. The straight pipe is suitable for spraying die coat on shallow dies. The aluminium pipe is interchangeable and can be changed on the shop floor in a few minutes.
 Air Pressure
 Liquid Pressure
 Gravity feed or from pressure tank @ 0.1+ Kg/cm2.
 Length (HB-35-300)
 480 mm standard overall length with 300 mm extension tube
 @550 gm
The Dual Action Hands Spray Gun Model HB-35 comes with hose connectors (shown below) suitable for braided hose. We also supply spray gun with threaded ("G ¼) hose connectors.
Standard Hose Connectors
Standard Hose Connectors
Standard Hose Connectors 9mm OD
XT Hose connectors
XT Hose connectors
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